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McLaren Repair_filteredThey say that equipment innovation and design for high performance cars competing in the white heat of top level motor sport will eventually lead to improvements in everyday road cars.

With windscreen repair the opposite is actually true and repair systems that were originally designed for bus and coach windscreens were adopted by top level teams in GT racing.

Both the GT teams and coach operators had the same problem, their windscreens were very expensive (up to £4,000) and seemed to get broken quite frequently.

The GT teams soon realised that the performance of a repair was up to the rigours of top level motorsport and Esprit Agent Colin Ellard soon became a regular sight in the pits at all the top European and American circuits when the World GT series came into town. McLaren GT’s, Jaguar XJ220’s, Porsche GT1 and the works Honda Touring Car are just some of the many different cars that raced with Colin’s windscreen repairs.

See Colin repairing the Harrods McLaren at Le Mans in our video…

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